When we start to live life from the heart, our entire life begins to change. The life we thought we should live starts to be replaced with the life we are meant to live. The ways we navigated the world before, now slowly begin to change. This is especially true if we have relied solely on mind power without the compassionate, intuitive input from the heart. This change, although magnificent, can be very uncomfortable for the mind and ego because we have gotten used to being concerned for our own survival, being recognized for our achievements and seeking appreciation from others.

Mind power by itself is limited in its abilities and is often a double-edged sword. In one respect, it can be a powerful manifesting tool, but on the other hand, living primarily from the mind comes at the cost of our inner peace. Even when we are consciously living our lives, our own mind is often not our friend. The mind can be very hard on us, creating expectations for us to achieve even if they are not in alignment with our truth. It can also be critical and judgmental causing us to strive for perfectionism instead of joy. The mind loves to be in charge and will often try to override the intuitive guidance coming from the heart. It is not interested in being loving, compassionate or caring because it’s driven to achieve.

As mind power is replaced by heart power, the gentler more compassionate energies of the heart come forward and become our driving force. We are able to give to ourselves what we need instead of seeking it from others. We are then able to give back to the world because we are fulfilled from within. Competition melts away and instead we have a strong desire to see others happy, successful and abundant. We also feel called to step into a greater role of being of service to assist those who are unable to help themselves. We are able to give more freely because our hearts are open and filled from the act of giving. This shift, from striving to be bigger and better, to that of cheering others on is very fulfilling. This fulfillment calms the emotions, balances the chakras and opens the heart.  Affirmation: I follow the guidance of my heart.

~ Exerpt from “You Can Heal Your Chakras” by Angela Strank


by | Apr 9, 2018


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