Taking the time to meditate is as important as taking the time to breathe. One pumps oxygen into the body, and the other pumps peace into the mind. ~ Marianne Williamson

Strategies for Success:

• Create the right environment for you to let go and receive.
• Make sure you’re comfortable. Either sitting or laying down, whatever is most comfortable for you.
• Blankets may be helpful in providing additional warmth and comfort.
• Turn off all electronics or anything that may be distracting.
• Background or ambient noise is not recommended. This will only distract the mind from the process.
• Ensure you have the time and space to be fully present throughout the entire process.
• If possible, find a place in your home or nature that is NOT associated with working or busyness. Do not listen to these processes in your office for example.
• I encourage you to close your eyes so that you can go deep into the processes.
• It’s okay if you fall asleep. This often happens with high vibrational energy. If you do so, I encourage you to revisit the audio again another time.
• It’s normal to experience mind chatter, especially at the beginning. When you notice the chatter, gently bring your mind back to the process.
• Do not try to edit or overanalyze any images that may come to you during the process. There is no right or wrong in this journey. The mind is very wise and will serve up the perfect images that represent
your transformation process.
• It is common to experience physical sensations such as coughing, sneezing, body temperature changes, knee jerks or other physical movements.
• You may experience changes in your dream state in the coming days or weeks after a process. This is absolutely normal and is an indicator that you are experiencing shifts as a result of the process.
• Most importantly come to each process with an open mind. Healing does not occur in a logical, linear fashion.

The strategies above are only suggestions to help give you the best possible platform to be successful. But remember, always do what is best for you. My only intention for these processes is to help empower you in letting go of what’s standing in the way of your dream life.

Energy Processes & Meditations: