I am on top of the world.

This week’s White Light Affirmation was inspired from a powerful session with a phone client this week. I was shown that we want to live a grounded, yet elevated life (on top of the world) and not be weighed down by life. Stress, trauma and emotional upsets can all make our energy collapse, leaving us feeling exhausted and heavy. But when we feel good our energies rise from our root chakra towards the heavens leaving us feeling uplifted and energized. This week’s affirmation is to help us all experience that being on top of the world experience. 

To maximize the benefits of this affirmation, place your hands over your heart chakra and repeat the affirmation 10 times. Take a deep, full breath between each statement.

Watch my video to receive energy support for this affirmation.​​​​​​​



by | Jul 8, 2019


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