I am committed to honoring my dreams

This week’s White Light Affirmation is to help us bring our dreams to life.

Our dreams matter. And they require, commitment, faith and patience for them to be realized. We can speed up the process of manifestation by becoming more mindful of our thoughts, words and actions. How does it feel to think of your dreams coming true? Do you feel good or do you feel disappointment that they haven’t manifested yet? If we can follow the good feeling to the finish line, our dreams will begin to manifest. It’s okay to get frustrated and upset along the way. That’s normal. But when you notice this, honour those feelings and then find a way to move forward again towards that good feeling place.

To maximize the benefits of this affirmation, place your hands over your heart chakra and repeat the affirmation 10 times. Take a deep, full breath between each statement.

Watch my video to receive energy support for this affirmation.​​​​​​​


by | Jun 24, 2019


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