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Do you feel like you belong? There is no greater sense of belonging than belonging to our true life path. But for many of us that means we have to step outside the box, outside what is considered normal. It means we have to move away from our deep social conditioning that we must be normal to fit in. This social positioning was conditioned into us in our childhood and unless challenged will continue to influence us as adults.

This inner conflict between our true calling and a deep desire to fit in can make manifesting a challenge. Stepping outside the box can be a lonely place at times. But here’s the thing; until we embrace the journey that is destined for us we will be left feeling unfulfilled, lost and ALONE.

Life can really open up for us and expand when we honour our true life path. We begin to know what it means to live a deeply fulfilled life. This fulfillment is what creates a sense of meaning and connectedness that fills our deep need to belong.

Everyone deserves to THRIVE. The limiting beliefs, fears and negative stories we tell ourselves just keep us small and held down. I believe we have to grow into the experience of thriving and to do so we have to learn to let go. Let go of the path we think we should walk to embrace the path we are meant to live.
~ Exerpt from “You Can Heal Your Chakras” by Angela Strank

by | May 3, 2018


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